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What a weak week….

March 29, 2011

Last week was what I like to call “just putting in the time”.  Nothing stellar about my workouts.  Took Sunday off (after my long 18) and ran Monday morning before work (4:00 wake up call…ugh!)  Runner’s yoga Monday night was much-needed and my body was so thankful.  Love that stretch!

I’ve swapped a sore hip for a stiff hamstring/groin.  Same side.  Hmmmm…..what’s that new complaint?  Can’t I just DROP a pain — not swap it for a different one?  Oh well, gives my something to obsess about during the run.  Because my OCD needed one more thing to cling to……

Tuesday was 9 miles after work, Wednesday was speed work and Thursday I ran at Maine Running Company with my old friend, Don.  He pushed me quite hard for 6 miles and I actually had a good rhythm going.  We ran the Boulevard from the store, to East End Beach and then God only knows where he took me.  I would’ve had to have been a bloodhound to make my way back to the store by myself if he took off.  Funny how the fear of being left behind down by the water treatment plant with a bunch of janky-looking grafitti artists gets your pace up by a minute or two.  Just sayin’…….   Happy girl Thursday night, nonetheless.  Thanks, Don   🙂

Took Friday off to try and recover some energy into these old legs. 

Saturday morning, bright and early.  Alarm rings 5:30 a.m.  News Flash:  It’s cold and windy!  I swear that’s my lot in life….run in the crappiest weather possible this winter.  I picked a great year to run a Spring marathon.  So, I roll and roll and roll on my foam roller until I feel the knot in my hamstring ease up a little.  Harry was awake with me because he had a date at a Cape Cod golf course.  (Froze his buns off but that’s a whole nother level of craziness)

 But anyway, I suck it up because I find out that my awesome, funny, enthusiastic, patient and wonderful running buddy, Dave, is going to be there!!!  That’s the good news ~ The bad news is that his Boston Marathon is in THREE weeks so this would be the last weekend that I can cling to him for dear life  run along side him and enjoy his company.  Running is a lonely sport and make that run a 20-miler and you’ve got yourself a recipe for “cuckooville”. 

Dave is a SAINT.  Suffice it to say, he shoulda, coulda, woulda taken off on me and run for the hills.  He was having a great day — With that said, I need to add that I wasn’t.   I never hit my stride, caught my second wind, greased the skids…..none of it!  Every step was miserable.  I felt fat, clumsy, lifeless and just plain old.  I even had a hard time breathing.  THAT never happens.  Dave slogged along ahead of me, praying I would just give up and call the ambulance for a ride and so patiently slowed his pace so as not to completely cut-anchor and sail away.  I’m thinking he wanted to just gnaw his arm off and be done with the weird chic who won’t let go.  HAHA!  Love you for not jumping ship on me, Dave.  Thank you…..again!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I did wake up this morning (Sunday) with a sore throat so I would like to believe some of my lethargy might be my impending cold/sore throat taxing my energy.  Who knows, right? 

Next week, 20 miles…… A.L.O.N.E.  I am taking applications for anyone interested in dragging a ball and chain along for 20 miles.  I pay in electrolyte replacement candies and Gatorade.  The pace is slow (8:30-10:00 min/miles).  Please, someone save me from having to run next weekend alone.

Sunday morning I woke up early and helped my friend, Stephanie (see previous post of diva-licious hairdresser friend) work the registration table of The Great Scot Trot 5k in Standish.  We always have a good time and this was no exception.  Just rolled up our sleeves and “got ‘er done”. 

My childhood friend (and stellar, super-fantastic, smokin’ fast runner) won the women’s division and nearly smoked the men’s field as well.  I’d say 4th overall with a time of 18:42 is smokin’~ wouldn’t you??? Katherine, you rock~!

I threatened her with posing for a picture for my blog by saying if she didn’t pose for a cute pic, then I’d just get a really bad one of her and post it.  Her choice…… I see she knew I meant it  🙂


A job well-done

Steph and I loitered around the finish line waiting to be spotted by the Sports Illustrated Paparazzi.  They never showed so we had to bug a stranger to take our pic.
Chilly day but I was soooo happy to NOT be running since I was still limping from Saturday’s 18.3 miler it was my rest day.   Post-race coffee at Steph’s house and my cleaning fest ensued.  I needed an intervention or something.  I caught myself cleaning my cleaning products.  My OCD and my A.D.D. got into a BIG FIGHT and I can’t tell who won.  But my house is very clean despite the battle.  Haha!
Honey returned from golf trip and we snuggied in front of the tube with all of this hot-ness…..
Coffee table dining. Sushi and wine. Ahhhh…..
Yes, you will notice the wee-wee pad on my living room floor.
Because my furry-baby has christened all of our carpets, we no longer keep any.  So, we apparently have made peace with substituting wee-wee pads for carpets since we know she won’t pee on those.   I’m considering just sewing 10 or 12 of them together and calling it a carpet.  I’m a genius!  Reminder:  the dog is VERY CUTE!  Cuter than carpeting…..

Snuggling post-sushi


My 16 week count-down to Sugarloaf.  This has become my bible training guide.  You’ll notice the yellow box = D-DAY! 

My two necessities. I refer to these several times a day. Wouldn't you like to know what I write each day? Hmmmm... that's a great topic for another blog.

Sore throat, dragged my butt through work today, sneezing, runny nose, NyQuil calling my name and NO RUN today.  Figured the time off was more beneficial than slogging through a sick run.  Hope I figured right.
Night all~
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  1. Cheryl Brackett permalink
    March 29, 2011 1:52 pm

    You ROCK!!!!! And, you will do an amazing job at Sugarloaf. You have a lot of family and great friends, me of course, right there with you all the way.

    • March 29, 2011 5:42 pm

      Thank you Cheryl. I appreciate the support. You guys have carried me so far 🙂

  2. Dave permalink
    March 29, 2011 4:39 pm

    Just so that anyone who reads this blog knows…I thought Kristin was doing just fine on last Saturday’s 18.3 miler. The only reason I knew she was having a bad day was because I asked her how she was doing at around mile 14 (now thats showing some genuine concern, isn’t it? Wait 14 miles before inquiring about your running buddy’s well being). At any rate, Kristin, I think you’re doing great with your marathon training and I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the results. Just wish I could be there to witness it! I hope you find a running partner for your 20 miler. I’ll be running a 10K along with 40,000 of my closest friends. Cooper River Bridge Run, here I come!

    • March 29, 2011 5:44 pm

      You have a point there, Dave. 14 miles before you asked me how it was going? I thought we were friends. Hahaha!!! Just kidding. Thanks for defending my indefensible run. I’ve enjoyed you.


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