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Boston Bound and Back to Blogging!

December 9, 2013

Ok, here we go again.  It’s no secret that I have wanted to run the Boston Marathon since I was a young girl.  It’s been a lifelong journey; a journey of continued successes and a few not-so-special runs.  I also want to inform ALL reading my blog that the marathon distance (26.2 miles) IS NOT MY DISTANCE.  Period.  End of sentence.  The only reason I continue to register for and train for and run this marathon distance has been to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  In case you’re not familiar with the Boston Marathon….. IT IS THE PINNACLE of most runners’ lives.  It is THE marathon to say you’ve done.  (ask my great friend, Kate Kelley–she’s done it).  Love you, Kate. 

I’ll fast-forward to today.  I’m in!  I did not meet the qualification standard of a 3:45:00 (getting closer every marathon but not yet).  But I did what any self-respecting, aging, tired, forty-something-year-old woman would do; I wrote an essay for Runner’s World Magazine and they gave me a bib for 2014!  Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I’m in. 

Come along on the ride of MY lifetime.  I’ve fired up my blog again in honor of MY dream coming true.  In case you like witnessing the crazy A.D.D/OCD training and every day life of a middle-aged woman.  Hop on to my crazy train!  Here we go! 


18 weeks til the big day….. Patriot’s Day 2014.  I’ve had 5 weeks since my last marathon (Marine Corps Marathon, D.C.) so I haven’t (in MY mind) fully recovered yet but it doesn’t matter because THIS girl is training INSPIRED!!!!  I’M RUNNING THE FREAKIN’ BOSTON MARATHON!!!!!!

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Begin again . . . . .

August 9, 2012

It always sounds good in an inspirational quote on facebook.  It seems to be the solid advice you give to a friend who has just gone through a rough time.  It’s what you expect your kids to do when they have not done as well as they had hoped on a math test or a soccer game.  But, when it applies to real life, it’s easier said than done. BEGIN AGAIN…..

I feel like it’s easier to keep going than to stop….and begin again.  If there is no end, there is no need for a new beginning, right? 

After Ragnar in May I continued with a semi-good training regimen and posted a respectable super time.  Check out the “I-want-to-die-but-too-many-people-are-watching” look on my face.  Damn that girl skipping along happily next to me….she made me look really bad.  Oh wait, I did that myself.  haha

Coming off a great race apparently gave me super-human decision-making.  I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon coming up on November 18.  Yup, certifiably stupid but I did.  Now, I actually have to put one foot in front of the other and train…..regularly…..on a plan….regularly…..make regular sacrifices and eat regular (bad tasting, nutrient-rich, non-alcoholic) foods/drinks.  What was I thinking?

Then, comes Beach to Beacon last weekend.  Have I mentioned that I HATE that race?  H A T E…..every year (for 6 years) I’ve schlepped through it only to proclaim in the car on the way home “I’m NEVER doing that race again”…..and yet again, I did it.  It’s the hottest, most-crowded, most rigamaroll race I know.  And yet, like a moth to a flame, I come back to it.  And here is proof that the race hates me too…..

Yes, that’s me.  Head to God, ass dragging, praying for D E A T H.  And that about sums it up.  Heat got the best of me.  Nuff said.

Pre-race pics with my gals: 

Don’t mistake this post-race smile with anything but comatose euphoria.  I didn’t feel as good as it may seem.

My gals :  Kristin, Nikki, Molly, Me, Laurie and Stacy

A special thank you to my husband for his loving chauffeur services.  His photography wasn’t bad either.  Do you think he’ll charge us for all this spoilage next time?  ❤

Upcoming plans, run, get the twinnies back to college (3rd year) and then September 15, Bar Harbor Half Marathon.

Going to try and keep up with the blog.  Wish me luck.


Ragnar and stuff…..

April 23, 2012

I was telling my husband yesterday that when I have the time to blog, I lack the sarcasm motivation and when I’m feeling the mood to blog I’m usually sitting elbow-deep in a patient’s mouth (and nowhere near my laptop).   Hence this post:  the need to unload some pics piling up AND the need to fill you all in on what’s unfolding in my life.

My dream of falling face-first into a giant whoopie pie was realized.  I got this for my friend’s birthday party but resisted the urge to lick the circumference of cream filling before I got there.  GAWD…. I LOVE WHOOPIE PIES!

  Did some winter running….of course.  (Bare with me, I’m catching up on old pics and recapping my Spring stuff.  






What do you get when you put 12 silly, crazy, enthusiastic, deranged, confused, and adventurous women in a van and make them run 200 miles, stay awake for 30+ hours, pee in a port-a-potty, eat from Rubbermaid, run on command and call themselves “the Fast Flying Flamingos”??????   R A G N A R !!!!!

Go HERE to really see what Ragnar is, why we do it, why YOU should do it and what we gain from doing it.  You will be begging me to be on next year’s Ragnar team once you watch the video and feel what it’s all about.   I’m one lucky chick!  The ladies shown above are not the complete group but this was one of our group runs.  We all make an effort to make as many of the group runs as we can since bonding is part of the experience.  I have already developed an affection for them 🙂   Once we take over Cape Cod on May 10-12th, I’ll write a much more organized and cohesive blog update with real flow, subject and pictures.  For now, it’s all about catching you up…fast.

Here, at our official meeting March 21, we eat to discuss uniform selection, our next group run and who let the little person vote?  She’s really cute, but Summit eats too much.  Just sayin’

Our oozing-with-enthusiasm captain and troop leader, Jess and one of her munchkins (Summit).  This woman has more energy than CMP and the Hoover Dam!  And she’s the brains and heart of the operation.  She is the reason we are the well-oiled machine known as the Fast Flying Flamingo’s (A.K.A. “mingos”)  Thanks Jess for being our glue.  You should go with this “leader” thing….it works for you.

I digress, but remember who’s writing this blog.  It’s still all about fashion running.  Since I’m recapping the random stuff that floats through my life; here’s a great find at the Nike outlet in Freeport!  And they’re mingo-pink!  Score!

Fast forward to April and I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my crazy and easy-to-pressure special friend, Kristin. (remember, I only have friends named Kristin?) Well, this Kristin let me talk her into running a half marathon with me on April 7th in Brunswick (Race the Runways) Did I mention that I asked her 2 days before the race and she said “sure, why not?”.  Now that’s the kind of crazy I can relate to!  My kind of friend!  heehee.  Love this girl.    Her first half and only 4th race ever.  She kicked ass and took names!


You can hardly tell from this finish line photo that I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.  And by “hole” I mean a serious date with a port-a-potty. But that’s a whole nother piece of HELL we’ll save for another day. 

And still fast forwarding through the month…..Hubby decided I ran fast enough and deserved to go out for Easter Brunch in Kennebunkport with the fam.  Hurricane’s is a great place that we are always satisfied with …. for those of you looking for good eats.

Ok, so horrible photo of me aside, I would like to congratulate my friend, Kate Kelley, for completing the Boston Marathon this year.  It was 89 degrees at the finish line and just standing there was brutal.  Above pic is her hubby, Tom, friends Cheryl and Laurie.  We had such fun venturing down to Beantown and waiting to yell our guts out for our Heat Hero, Kate.  We are so proud of you, Kate!

Our friend, Kate, gets some love from her fans…..

NOW, we’re up to this past weekend.  Beautiful friend, Stephanie needs her bestie (me) at her big birthday party.  Would’ve LOVED to stay for the festivities but I dine and dash because I have a 10:30 p.m. run of 8 miles waiting for me 2 hours drive in the other direction so I’m sorry Steph.  A Ragnar girl has issues……

Turkey sandwich and I’m off to Livermore!  Can’t run on fumes….(or the horrible heartburn this sandwich gave me but again, I digress)

Did somebody say Ragnar night run?  I thought so.  Always observing safety….reflectors, headlamps and smiles.  Yup, we’re not normal.  8 miles down.  Home at 1:30 a.m.—head on the pillow at 2:00 a.m. —back out the door for a  9.5 miler at 7 a.m. the next morning (ON NO SLEEP).  Remember, the goal is to replicate the horrible and painful conditions of actually  running Ragnar.  And yup, it hurt the next day……

Rolling out the sore muscles from the night before’s run… anticipation of the longer (and considerably more painful) second run. 

Me, Amy, Amanda, Kirstie, Holly and Captain Jess

Believe it or not, this is AFTER the second run (on no sleep) early morning, sore muscles and yet we still are smiling (and silly).

There are NO words for this one..... LOL

  So there you have it.  I’ve “caught up” and have every good intention of not letting my blog slide again.  It’s a final push to Ragnar weekend on May 10-12th.  Follow me down the crazy trail and I’ll let you see what you’re missing!

Til then….




A little of this and a little of that….

February 22, 2012

Last weekend was a beautiful chance to get out and run a great 9-miler.  LOVE IT!  Felt pretty good and just getting a long one in helped my obsessive compulsive inner star feel great!  We decided to grab the parentals and take them to North Conway NH and do what we do best; eat and shop!  Found a great little steak house called the Muddy Moose.  I highly recommend it and the fact that the line was OUT THE DOOR by noon told me it was the hottest show in town.  Mmmmmm.

 Chanel likes my fur-trimmed vest so much she wanted to go with us.  Oh wait, that’s always what she wants!

Handsome hubby makes one last cafe’ au lait and we’re off for a fun day!

Aren’t my parents frickin’ adorable?   Yeah, I thought so too…..


My onion soup and hamburger made me so giddy, I jumped into the arms of this guy….couldn’t help myself!


AND THENNNNNNNNNN…..First run of the season with SKIN showing!!! WooHooo!  Love it…52 degrees and no hat, no mittens, no layering of clothes….just running perfection tonight. 

   Can you see how happy I look?  That’s the look of a woman who doesn’t have to bundle up to run tonight! 

  I’m doing 7 fabulous miles and thinking about my Ragnar girls the whole way.  🙂








 If you girls are like me and you hate a headband that starts in place but creep up and up and up until they slip right off the top of your head I HAVE to introduce you to BIC Bands headbands.  These suckers are AMAZING!!!!  They are cute AND they stay in place.  No matter how long the distance, these bands stay put.  I promise.  I’ve worn them for months and they really do stay put.  Check em’ out!!!  Only available online and they’re about $10 each.  Bargain!


Real, live sunshine!!!!

Looking for a running buddy this weekend for a long one.  Any takers?  9-10 miles?

Keep it real, my friends,



Sweating icicles~

February 12, 2012

Ragnar Day!  Meeting my Ragnar teammates finally!  My best childhood friend is on my team.  Can’t tell you what that feels like to be back running with my buddy, Kirstie.  Also met our Captain, Jessica.  And Holly (also childhood friend) and then Amanda.  I imagine we’ll meet the rest before our big weekend in May. 

NEGATIVE 10 degrees with the wind chill!  Whipping winds!  Nobody ever accused us of being very bright but TOUGH????That’s a whole nother story.  Frost-bite doesn’t scare us.  Nope.  Ok, well maybe a little.  I mean, having your nose firmly attached to your face long-term appeals to me but who’s complaining…….


Pre-run freezing our asses off!  I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name of the two gals on the left.  Our team captain, Jessica, shows us how talented she is with balancing on one foot exercises and then Amanda wants no part of that….

Kirstie and I trying to keep warm while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive


  Hi Holly!







CLEARLY a necessary stop on the way home.  French vanilla latte!  Mmmmm…NOW I’ll make it home!


Thawed Showered in boiling water and off to a fun day of shopping and errands (and lunch out) with my parents and the hubby.  I highly recommend the Signature Sirloin with shrimp, red roasted potatoes and steamed vegetable.  500 calories (says the menu) and it was really tender and tasty too!  What do you guys think about having the calorie count next to each entree???  I was AMAZED at how what I really wanted to order contained an entire day’s calories in ONE meal!  I changed my order twice and my parents took 5x longer than usual because we could ‘nt see past the 1910 calorie fish and chips and the 1620 calorie ravioli!  I’ll take a glass of water and an oyster cracker please…… geesh!


A sweet text message kiss from my oldest twin, Whitney, and a cuddle on the couch with the furry kid and I’d say it was a beautiful (albeit FROZEN) Sunday.  Planning on a 30 mile mileage week; 35 if it’s not too cold.  Although, now that I think about it, it doesn’t get much colder than this morning’s run so it’s all sunshine and warm miles from now on. 


Another picture from the 10 miler last weekend.  On our way out the door.

Have you whitened lately?  Trying out a new whitening machine in Boston……C’mon–you know you’re jealous.  Heehee.

Bad pictures motivate….

February 11, 2012

Lots of mileage the past 2 weeks.  Happy to report I was able to steal inherit a bib number from a sadistic sweet friend (Cheryl) to the Cape Elizabeth Mid-Winter Classic 10-miler.  As soon as I knew I was a sure-thing for the race I did what any winter runner in Maine does; I panicked.  What the heck was I thinking?  I was not prepared for a 10-miler….I’d managed to string together 7 sketchy miles for two weekends in a row but plowing down 10 suddenly scared me.  But I had face to save and so I did.

I was quite pleased with the outcome as I had NO EXPECTATIONS.  Motto for the day: finish.

Mind-numbing fatigue aside, I was able to complete 8 good miles and then doing some quick math, I figured out I could complete this beast in under 1:30:00.  I hate it when I suddenly ditch the original game plan (“finish”) and suddenly a goal creeps into the psyche….but it did.  Might as well, right?  Problem was that mile 9 was a long uphill climb and I had expended enough energy for an 18-degree day and I was ready for some post-race Superbowl fixin’s.  FINE!  Get ‘er done… I was pressing down on the finish line (but still within panic-range) I heard the announcer proclaim over the microphone “we’re closing in on ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES”.  Crap!  Could I manage it?  Dropped it into the last gear I had and crossed the friggin’ finish line in……no joke…..not kidding… was official…….1:30:00!   hahaha….had to giggle a little.  Superbowl anyone?

I decided to swallow my pride and post my race pics.  For purposes of full-disclosure:I am really NOT an 80-year old woman wearing saddlebags but here they are anyway…. 🙂













Brrrrr and Birthday parties~

January 22, 2012

Getting up early to fit in a long run before preparing my step-daughter’s birthday luncheon seemed like a simple enough plan.  Every day of the week I’m up and at em’ at the crack of dawn.  But not today.

Hit the floor running!  Late!  Guests arriving at noon and my eyes don’t open until 9:00 a.m.   Yikes!



So I thought it was cold enough to warrant the layers AND the jacket.  Mistake.  Run to end of driveway–run back to return outer jacket layer–begin run again. 




Sunday morning run…take 2


I shortened my distance by a little because I negotiated with myself that if I ran up Torrey Hill Range Road it was like running 20 extra miles!  So I did it.  Ran the WHOLE hill.  GAWD that’s a steep hill!

I lived though…..long enough to get the lasagna in the oven and so the party began.  My step-daugher’s 20th birthday…. Happy Birthday, Kate 🙂


My other step-daughter, Elizabeth, and her dad



The birthday girl with her dad

 And more gifts and partying….

 Chanel would NOT give up until she got into one picture.  Geesh, Chanel…chill.


  Some random pics from recent runs, trips to the Patriots and other “stuff” hanging     around on my camera~






 Hubby plays Jenga Christmas Eve

My father and Harry piling on the layers for last week’s Patriots game.  It was freeeeeeeezing.  But a great win was witnessed and my dad went to Gillette for his first Patriots game. 

Our buffet of goodies–Food and spirits…..


My beautiful and wildly funny twinnies just before heading back to college after a special Christmas break.  I miss you, baby girls.

Harry and I out for Hibachi with the kids

My brother’s sweet girlfriend, Susan, knitted all us ladies scarves for Christmas.  Mom, Kayla, Whitney, me and Susan


When Kayla and mama were left alone on the Green Monster at Fenway Park. naturally we’ll resort to selfies.  Duh.

Red Sox pro-shop just before our Fenway tour (December).  It was cold but an awesome tour and quality time spent with the fam. 

A chilly walk through Faneuil Hall- Boston



SOOOO, TONIGHT….I SIGNED UP FOR THE Mt. Desert Island Half Marathon but more importantly than that, my hubby agreed to register and run it WITH me!  Yayyyyyyy honey!  I’m so proud of you for getting a big one onto the “goals list” for the Fall.  Sept 15, 2012, Baby!!!!  Fun times.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take Chanel’s approach to life and friendships:  If you’re not nice to me, I’m just going to lay on you until we agree on MY terms.  Love ya!